Elizabeth Faison- Massage Practitioner

Elizabeth has been a massage practitioner, apprenticing with Therese and Gotapain for two years serving the White Bear Lake area. She specializes in Relaxation massage using Swedish modalities, with a holistic approach to guide clients into mental, physical and emotional relaxation.  Elizabeth has a very nurturing, healing quality to her massages, she enjoys working at Gotapain and shares common beliefs in the benefits of Holistic Health.  Elizabeth is also studying Holistic Nutrition.

Leslee Nelson

Leslee is the owner of Infinite Energy and shares office space with Gotapain.  Leslee facilitates her clients to a deeper self-realization through her energy transmissions and Transformational Energetic Truth Imprints.  Leslee helps one to discern what is vital to their well-being and how to become their full Divine potential.

Through her transformational energy sessions,she invites you to experience your evolution through Source energy and allow your physical results to manifest more swiftly and with greater ease.  Her Evolutionary process has guided her to the mastery of energy, allowing her to communicate to your Soul body allowing the process to bypass the Mind/Ego realm and work directly at a Soul level.

Website: www.yourinfiniteenergy.com Or contact her at Leslee@yourinfiniteenergy.com