Therese A. Faison, CMT, CST, SER, VM Practitioner, Life Coach

Therese has been a Massaage and CranioSacral Practitioner in the Twin Cities for more than 20 years. Currently she owns and operates a wellness practice in White Bear Lake. She has dedicated herself to creating a Holistic Pathway to Healing.

Using her knowledge, skills and heart, Therese helps individuals Identify the root causes of Acute Chronic Pain, Transitional Anxiety due to life transitions,, Chakra Blocks, Limited thinking and nutritional deficiencies.

"Our exploration into these root causes, is one of ease and gratitude helping you to bridge the gap between you and your higher self. No need to focus on the "Why", instead we focus on the root cause found intricately in our being". 

With Solution Based Modalities, and our clients emotional, psychological and spiritual perspectives, clients feel empowered in their unique healing journey. 






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